Here, the relationship between employees and enterprises is not just between employees and employers. The ideal here is to become a win-win platform for employees to share. Therefore, Dexin group regards the talent strategy as the core of the enterprise strategy, attaches great importance to the cultivation and selection of talents, and takes attracting, cultivating and maximizing the development of talents as the top priority of the enterprise strategy. The company strives to provide employees with a superior working environment and broad personal growth space, and respects the efforts of every employee. We do not stick to one pattern and are willing to become a platform for every employee to realize their own values.

  Here, the company firmly believes that excellent people and excellent teams are the guarantee of excellent performance, and is committed to building a "young, professional and professional" high-performance team!

  Concept of selecting people: select people only by virtue, turn virtue into talent, and turn talent into virtue

  View on Employment: there are shortcomings in a ruler, strengths in an inch, and strengths in employment

  Virtue encourages internal employees to recommend external personnel who meet the job recruitment requirements.