Reform and innovation to see the "east wind"

  As a former "three-line" state-owned enterprise, dongfeng motor company has been adhering to reform and innovation, and has gradually grown into a strong and dynamic multinational car company in 45 years. Dongfeng's reform and innovation road, as a new phenomenon, is getting a lot of attention. On November 5, the economic daily carried a front-page headline to "reform and innovation to see the east wind", and in-depth report on the reform and innovation practices of dongfeng. This newspaper, forwarding the report today, hope that through combing the east wind in the window of innovation practices and characteristics, make broad dongfeng more full of passion, to the east a new round of reform and innovation of practice.

  On March 26 this year, under the witness in France's top leaders, dongfeng automobile company chairman, party secretary xu and PSA Peugeot Citroen (PSA) group management committee chairman Mr Varin agreement signed in Paris. According to the agreement, dongfeng has invested 800 million euros, or 14 percent of its shares, in a stake in PSA, formally becoming the largest shareholder in the French government and the Peugeot family.

  This is an important moment for the global auto industry to change. Dongfeng strategic stakes in PSA, which not only means that the one hundred - year - old Europe's second first for a Chinese auto enterprises large shareholders, more means of dongfeng company become China's auto industry's first transnational state-owned automobile group.

  Hard work, hard work, great success. As China's first independent design, independent of the construction of the car factory, 45 years, dongfeng entrepreneurship in hard, in the reform development, the boom in innovation, today is like a huge aircraft carrier, energetic, immense.

  The rising power

  Dongfeng fengshen A60, dongfeng tianlong heavy card, east wind raptors military suv... Enter the exhibition hall of dongfeng motor company, which is full of cars and cars. It has an atmosphere and vitality. It is like a soldier of valor, waiting for the inspection of people. 'this is a collection of 32 of the flagship models that dongfeng has produced in recent years, both domestically and in joint ventures,' said Ms. Jiang, who works in the showroom.

  According to the statistics from the enterprise, dongfeng has sold about 26 million cars of various categories in the past 45 years. Among them, the annual sales volume has been from zero to 100,000 units, which took 18 years. From 100, 000 to 1 million, 20 years; From one million to two million, it took three years; It took just two years, from 2 million to 3 million. The change of these figures not only reflects the jump of enterprise strength, but also reflects its good and fast track of development.

  The quality of operation has been improved. In the past 10 years, dongfeng product structure has been more reasonable. The proportion of passenger cars and commercial vehicles has been adjusted to 85:85, which is highly consistent with the current market structure. The overall market share of products has increased from 13.9 per cent in 2009 to 16.1 per cent and the top 3 in all segments. The company's revenue and profits tax have been highly innovative. In 2013, the company's sales revenue reached 453.3 billion yuan, with a profit tax of 40.6 billion yuan. According to the growth rate of the first nine months of this year, the annual sales revenue is expected to exceed 500 billion yuan, and the tax payment will exceed 45 billion yuan.

  We will make breakthroughs in our own development. On the basis of the sound development of autonomous commercial vehicles, in 2005, dongfeng started its autonomous vehicle career and went on a long journey. In 2013, dongfeng autonomous brand vehicle sales reached 127.1 million vehicles, and the growth of independent brand production and sales was higher than the industry level for many years. Among them, dongfeng autonomous brand commercial vehicle sales volume is the world no.1.

  International development builds a new pattern. At the beginning of this century, dongfeng built a big pattern of enterprise development with large-scale external joint venture. For 10 years, dongfeng focus on internationalization development, adhere to the strategy of "going out", "give priority to with my" constantly deepen the upgrade, the opening to the outside world and international cooperation with nissan, Honda, kia, Volvo, Renault, PSA, T, g, Smith, Sweden company launched a joint venture, equity participation, holding, mergers and acquisitions, etc. Various forms of cooperation, create the new pattern of the development of Chinese automobile enterprises internationalization.

  Create a new structure for your career. With the expansion of production and marketing, dongfeng is based in hubei province, facing the whole country and going to the world. Shiyan, wuhan, xiangyang, guangzhou 4 big bases have made great progress, zhengzhou, yancheng two large bases rapid rise, hangzhou, liuzhou, chongqing, changzhou and other places are flourishing. At present, dongfeng has formed a new pattern of "4 + 2 + 4" in China and nearly 30 cities in the country. Abroad established in Latin America, southeast Asia, Russia, the Middle East and other four strategic market, has established several KD assembling (bulk) and CKD (assembling all the parts) factory, as well as marketing and services.

  The fire of "the lantern" has set a prairie fire. "The current development pattern of dongfeng is really something that the older generation didn't think about, including our generation that didn't think about it a decade ago." Dongfeng motor company chairman, party secretary xu ping said with emotion.

  The rising strength has also contributed to the growth of the brand value of dongfeng. In July, fortune magazine ranked dongfeng 113 in the list of the world's top 500 companies in 2014, up 33 places from the previous year. In the 2014 global top 500 list of global companies released by Brand Finance, the world's leading Brand consultancy, dongfeng became the only Chinese car Brand to be listed.

  Reform and innovation work together

  "The east wind can achieve these achievements without the rapid development of China's economic and social environment." But zhu fushou, the general manager of dongfeng motor company and deputy party secretary of the party committee, believes that the more crucial reason is that "the east wind dares to reform and innovate."

  Looking back on the entrepreneurial and development history of dongfeng in the past, dongfeng has divided it into four different stages.

  The first stage was the hard work period (1969-1980). When people all over the country gathered in shiyan town in the northwest, rely on one shoulder, independent design, in the mountains built opposite a factory, finally realized "dongfeng" 2.5 tons, 2.5 tons of suvs and put into production.

  The second stage was rapid growth (1981-1993). Despite the domestic economic and environmental constraints, the automobile market has a situation of stagflation, but the enterprise actively responded, in 1981, it sold 39,028 vehicles and 1525 bulk cars, and realized profits of 1.267.7 billion yuan. In the same period, the technical center was also established, which formed a new pattern of "big concentration and small dispersion".

  The third stage is the period of adjustment (1994-2000). Because in the truck field, the product did not follow the market transformation and upgrade in time; In the car sector, the two sides of the shenlong company are still in a difficult situation, and dongfeng once faced the difficulty of getting paid. However, when it comes to poverty, the east wind has made bold reforms to build a new three-tiered corporate governance system, starting from managing a factory to managing a company.

  The fourth stage is open cooperation period (2001-2012). Despite all the questions and objections, the progressive reform of dongfeng has not stopped. In June 2003, dongfeng and nissan succeeded in their marriage, setting up dongfeng motor co., the largest joint venture to date. On September 28, dongfeng motor company headquarters moved to wuhan city, laying a solid foundation for the company to implement group management more effectively and seek greater development. During this period, dongfeng Honda, kia motors corp., South Korea, joint venture with Japan also upgraded the relationship with the PSA, and listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange main board, provides the internationalization of finance and development platform for the company.

  "Now we are in a period of coordinated development." "But in any period, reform and innovation has always been a common thread in the development of dongfeng," zhu said. It is through reform and innovation that dongfeng can create many "pioneers" in the country. Dongfeng is the first in the country to implement the system of "double quan", namely, the comprehensive technical and economic benefits contract responsibility system based on total quality management; Take the lead in the implementation of the "three comprehensive" stratification contract responsibility system based on total quality management and comprehensive technical progress as the core, with comprehensive economic benefits as the target; First to implement the "factory manager responsibility system"; It is the first to establish three institutional reforms that "regulate the institutional investment decision, the function of asset management and the separation of production and operation functions".

  It is through reform and innovation that the east wind can constantly refresh the "east wind speed". On October 16, at the dragon foundation stone laying ceremony of the fourth factory, if the vice mayor of chengdu is li said, "this project with a total investment of 12.3 billion yuan, from the two sides signed a cooperation agreement to ground-breaking, only took 3 months time, fully embodies the high efficiency of dongfeng automobile company."

  It is through reform and innovation that dongfeng can be transformed from an old state-owned enterprise into a "new state enterprise". In order to realize the value of state-owned assets, dongfeng has improved its property structure through various means. At present, the state-owned assets accounted for 45.2%, dongfeng company public assets accounted for 19.9%, foreign investment accounted for 31.8%, other assets accounted for 3.1%, become a there are both state capital and private capital, there are both overseas capital and social capital of mixed ownership enterprises.

  Head for the dream

  The east wind may not be the same in everyone's mind, but the excitement of the east wind is common.

  In the prototype of the dongfeng technology center, an SUV has aroused the interest of journalists. "This is our AX7, the first SUV of the dongfeng fengshen brand." Technical center of dongfeng automobile company electronic rinou intelligent information technology department of n.syed, according to the model not only equipped with high resolution of 9 inch touch screen, and with the east WIND LINK of independent research and development. "The human-computer interaction interface can realize the dual - screen connection of mobile phone in two ways: wired and wireless."

  Learned, dongfeng motor corporation technology center each year through electronic intelligence concept prototype project carry industry cutting-edge technology, according to the passenger vehicle development process for loading and validation, finally through the user experience research and trial driving, research new technology will be accepted by the user. Not only that, dongfeng also incorporated autonomous driving technology into the pre-research program, which has now entered the second phase of adaptive cruise using high-precision radar technology.

  In the new energy vehicle sector, dongfeng is very low-key. "But low profile does not mean inaction. We just want to make the product solid and solid." Dongfeng company director of new energy automotive business platform Huang Zhaoqin told reporters that as early as in 1997, dongfeng company began to develop new energy vehicle technology, mainly is the pure electric minibuses, fuel cell minibuses and pure electric cars. In 2001, dongfeng specialized in the establishment of the first electric car company in the automotive industry, and has developed E30, a60-ev, s30-phev and other models.

  In the face of growing competition in the market and the development of global automobile products, such as intellectualization, environmental protection and personalization, dongfeng motor is also speeding up its innovation to seize the commanding heights of the industry. But like all car companies, the challenge of the east wind was everywhere, with the third wave of the industrial revolution taking its toll. But zhu admitted that dongfeng is not afraid of the challenge and is more actively responding to the change with an open mind, "because dongfeng is a company with a dream."

  What is the dream of dongfeng? "The earliest is to build a good car, an industrial newspaper." Zhu Fushou explained. "the new leading comrades of the CPC central committee and put forward the Chinese dream, now for dongfeng, is to realize" three wind ", one is the sustainable development of dongfeng one hundred, 2 it is geared to the needs of the internationalization of the world of dongfeng, three is the independent development of the east wind in the open."

  "The wind and the waves will sometimes hang in the sea." Today's dongfeng, like its headquarters in wuhan, is racing toward its dream with an aircraft-like confidence.